• Rohit Gupta

    Rohit Gupta

  • Alex Chitipat MANON

    Alex Chitipat MANON

    GDS specialist and Channel management Product Consultant in Hospitality Technology

  • Simone Saviolo

    Simone Saviolo

    Software engineer, keyboardist, photographer. I like to make stuff, and I like to have stuff make stuff.

  • Frank Paepens

    Frank Paepens

    Partner at Appdnd: agency specialized in App Design & Development. Interests: technology, startups, travel & watersports.

  • Liat Portal

    Liat Portal

  • Priscila Canaan Oliver

    Priscila Canaan Oliver

    Empreendedora Social e Publicitária em marketingpicnic.com . Inovadora Sequencial. Bi Advocate. Tia do Lucas. Google Lover. Heroína Aprendiz.

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