What is Professional Services Automation Software?

And, more importantly, how could it benefit your business?

Fredrik Holm
6 min readMay 19, 2021


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Picture this. You’re a small business owner running a digital advertising and promotion agency with 8 employees.

After a year of trying to make ends meet during the pandemic, the situation is — to say the least — strained.

Everyone is working hard and trying their best to keep the remaining clients happy, but you can’t rid yourself of that nagging suspicion that the effort doesn’t match what you read on the bottom line. Not to mention that the bottom line isn’t updated as frequently as it should be.

The staff has already been trimmed down to the bare essentials, and the IT solutions (Excel counts as an IT solution 😎) supporting your operations are still dimensioned for a bygone era when the firm consisted of you and your partner alone.

Since you can’t afford to hire a consultant, you find yourself spending more and more time managing the solutions.

To make matters even worse, your accountant called and said that they are swapping out their old software for a more up-to-date solution.

And, “by the way,” that they will no longer support the file format you have been using to export your invoices into their system.

After asking around, you’re presented with a quote with five figures. Despite the first digit being a one, it’s still 10x more expensive than you expected.

What would be your next move?

Enter: Professional Services Automation

My recommendation would be to retire the old systems and consider a PSA solution instead.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is designed to make life easier for specialists in project-and-service-oriented businesses, such as consultants, architects, accountants, lawyers, and — low and behold — agencies.

While a complete revamp of a company’s IT support might seem like a daunting and expensive task, it can actually be the exact opposite.



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